Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service is designed to get your workplace back to a hygienic state. Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, fixtures and fittings to ensure a safe working environment for all.

Our deep cleaning services include:​

Step 1

General Cleaning

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First the removal of dust and dirt from floors and surfaces, cleaning windows plus the frames, vacuuming, mopping floors, clearing and bagging rubbish and generally preparing the area for step 2. 

Step 2

Disinfecting Surfaces

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Once the area is clean next is the disinfecting of surfaces and floors to eliminate any germs or viruses present and make the area as safe as possible for both staff and customers to use. 

Step 3

Steam Cleaning

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Next is the treatment of soft furnishing such as chairs, sofas carpets and curtains. Using pressurised high temperature steam we can sanitise these areas without damaging the material.